The International Alpaca Association (AIA in Spanish) is a non-profit organization. It was founded in the city of Arequipa on February 26, 1984, as an idea of the main Peruvian industries, the Chamber of Commerce of Birmingham and was previously called FOPEX.

The AIA was founded in order to protect the image of alpaca fiber and its derivatives, as well as the promotion of international consumption and guarantee the quality of the products, which is the interest of all institutions and companies around the world operating in the trade, processing and production of alpaca fiber.

The Royal Co. is the licensee for the use of the “Alpaca Mark” issued by the IAA (International Alpaca Association).



The Italian Alpaca Society (S.I.A.) is a non-profit association founded in 2010. The S.I.A. is dedicated to the development of alpaca breeding in Italy.

The aim is to help Italian alpaca breeders to improve, increase and enhance their alpacas and their farms through activities and growth opportunities, but also to promote the knowledge of this beautiful South American camelid on the Italian territory.



The S.N.A.E.L. Association was born from the need to empower all those who want to engage in the growth of the alpaca and llama movement in Italy.

The aim is to become a point of reference to enhance the Vicugna Pacos species (commonly called Alpaca), in its two race variants Huacaya and Suri, and the Lama Glama species.



The Yarn Promotion Consortium is composed of a group of companies located in the textile district of Prato, belonging to the knitting yarn sector.

The spinners of the C.P.F. participate in the most important international exhibitions of the sector, image initiatives and workshops on various international markets.

Of remarkable importance is the collaboration with the most important international fashion schools, such as Bunka Fashion College, Parsons New York, Polimoda and many others. Thanks to the collaboration of Toscana Promozione and the Region of Tuscany, the consortium has created Feel the Yarn, a competition with training purposes that aims to put aspiring designers in contact with the consortium member companies.

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